How long have you been riding for DVS?

About 10 months

Vulc or cup sole?


Do you have a preferred model you skate in?

Not really, I’ve been mixing it up with the new models.

Best teammate to room with on a trip?


Who always gets shotgun on trips?

If Shiers not driving, probably him.

What is your favorite city to skate in?

The ones I haven’t skated.

Game of skate. You or your DVS TM Paul Shier?

If were playing flat ground I got him. He’d kill me on curb skate.

Toughest game of skate competition on the team?


Best album to skate to?

I don’t really skate to music.

Best song used in a skate part?

Nick Cave – Mercy Seat

Top 5 Canadian skaters?

No particular order:

Rick Howard

Keegan Sauder

Mike McDermott

Rick McCrank

Mark Appleyard

Best Canadian magazine?

I like Color

Street League or BATB?


Favorite non-skate website?

Favorite non-skate DVS shoe?


Other than skateboarding, best way to pass the time?


What is one thing you wish America would adopt from Vietnam?

Hard to say, I’ve never been to Vietnam.

Pho or Vermicelli?

Pho sho

How often do people mispronounce your last name?

Almost every time.

What are some of the better mispronunciations you’ve heard?

En-Guy-En or Noo-Goo-Yen